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Arrivals from Estonia, Norway, Hungary, Canada will need to self-isolate in Lithuania

BC, Vilnius, 04.09.2020.Print version
Lithuania's Health Ministry has updated its list of coronavirus-affected countries and people arriving from Estonia, Norway, Hungary and Canada will be required to self-isolate from Monday

The number of cases in these countries over the past two weeks has exceeded the 16 per 100,000 threshold but did not go above 25, meaning that people arriving from these countries or having travelled via them would need to isolate for two weeks.

Only thee countries from the European Economic Area – Latvia, Finland and Cyprus – have coronavirus cases below 16 per population of 100,000. Lithuania has recently also exceeded the threshold as its rate stands at 16.1.

The rates exceeded 25 in Italy and the UK, meaning that people arriving from these countries will need to get coronavirus tests done no later than three days before coming to Lithuania.

The number of cornavirus cases has gone down in Bulgaria, Sweden, Lichtenstein and Kirgizstan and their rates are now below 25, meaning that people coming from these countries will need to self-isolate for 14 days but will not be required to have a coronavirus test done.

The Health Ministry notes that isolation is mandatory for people coming from affected countries. But isolation is not required for people if they travel from a non-affected country via a country from the affected list but do not leave an airport's transit zone.

Also, people are not required to self-isolate while travelling via Poland and making only necessary stops.

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