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Poll shows rise in support for EU membership in Lithuania

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The Market and Opinion Research Centre Vilmorus carried out a public opinion poll, which shows that more than two-thirds support Lithuania's EU membership, reports LETA/ELTA.

There is also a significant rise in those who think that Lithuanian membership of the EU is useful not only for economic but also for security reasons, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.


The poll commissioned by the Foreign Ministry of Lithuania shows that even 68% of all respondents support Lithuania's EU membership (support increased from 59% last year). The number of opponents of Lithuanian membership of the EU dropped from 18% to 14%.


When asked to name specific advantages of Lithuanian membership of the EU, the respondents, just like last year, mention mostly financial and economic support (38%), freedom of movement (25%) and opportunities to work overseas (11%). The number of those who feel that the EU membership helps to ensure Lithuania's security has jumped from 3% to 11% (increased almost four times).


39% of the respondents of the poll feel that the largest Baltic State will reap even more benefits of its membership of the EU after the adoption of the euro in 2015.


When asked to name Lithuania's priorities for EU policy, 53% of the respondents cite that the country has to seek more energy independence and 52% say that financial support has to be used as efficiently as possible.


The poll reveals that more than half (56%) of the population supports EU enlargement. Most Lithuanians (40%) want Ukraine to be part of the European family after the signature of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement on 27 June.


When asked to identify key events of the first decade of Lithuania's EU membership, most respondents (42%) cite Lithuania's Presidency of the EU Council. The majority of all respondents (61%) believe that the country's first attempt to hold the rotating EU Presidency was successful and only 10% assess the Presidency negatively. Among specific benefits of the Presidency, Lithuanians cite more visibility of the country (72%), profits rise for hotel and restaurant industries (66%) and Lithuania's better position on the international arena (65%).


The survey was conducted on 6-15 June among a nationally representative sample of 1,005 adults.

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