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Suicide statistics in Estonia continued declining in 2013

BC, Tallinn, 26.06.2014.Print version
The number of suicides committed last year was 209, the lowest since Statistics Estonia began collecting data in 1989, writes LETA/National Broadcasting.

However, this number is still higher than the combined fatalities from traffic accidents, deaths from fires and drownings.


In 2012, a total of 235 persons in Estonia took their own lives, a relatively low figure in comparison with 401 (2001) and 615 (1994).


In 2013, 90 persons died in traffic accidents, 42 in fires and 38 persons drowned.


Airi Värnik from the Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute said that suicide statistics reflect the socio-political situation in the area, and these figures on Estonia have been improving since 1995.


Suicides among men are usually 2-3 times more common than among women, but the gender difference in Estonia is almost fivefold.


Lithuania has the highest suicide statistics in the region (31 suicides per 100,000 residents each year), followed by Latvia (21), Russia (20) and Finland (16). This indicator for Estonia is 15.

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