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Latvia posts EU's smallest reduction in producer prices in May

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In May 2013, producer prices in Latvia reduced 0.1% from April – the smallest reduction in the European Union, according to the latest data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat, cites LETA.

Similar to Latvia, Italy, Romania and Slovenia also registered 0.1% reduction in producer prices.


Producer prices increased in four EU members – Spain (by 1.3%), as well as Greece, Lithuania and Poland (all by 0.1%). Meanwhile, producer prices in Malta remained unchanged.


Meanwhile, the largest decrease in producer prices was registered in Estonia – 3.6%, followed by France – 1.2%, as well as Denmark and Cyprus – 0.8% each.


Compared to April, producer prices reduced 0.3% both in the EU and the eurozone this past May.


Compared to May of last year, the level of producer prices in the EU and the eurozone remained unchanged.


When compared to May 2012, Estonia registered the largest increase in producer prices – 6.7%, followed by Romania – 4.9%, and Latvia – 2.1%.


The largest year-on-year reduction was registered in Poland – 2.1%, followed by Cyprus – 2%, as well as Hungary and Sweden – 1.5%.


Meanwhile, Lithuania saw a 0.5% increase in producer prices when compared to May of last year.

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