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Support for euro grows among Latvian businessmen

BC, Riga, 13.03.2013.Print version
In December 2012, 41.2% of businessmen supported Latvia's transition to the euro, compared to 34.6% in September 2012, according to a survey carried out by Citadele bank and the market and public opinion research center SKDS, informs LETA.

59% of businessmen, who supported the introduction of the euro, represented companies turning over more than LVL 1 million. Support for the euro exceeded 50% also among companies with more than 10 employees.


57% of businessmen connected with export supported Latvia's transition to the euro, compared to 38% of businessmen working on the local market.


The number of euroskeptics reduced in December 2012. 15.7% of businessmen rather disapproved of the introduction of the euro, compared to 18% in September 2012. 19.3% categorically objected to the adoption of the euro, as opposed to 22.1% in September.


21.6% were neutral in their attitude towards the country's accession to the eurozone, compared to 20.1% in September 2012.

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