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Estonia registers EU's third largest increase in producer prices in May

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 03.07.2012.Print version
In May 2012, producer prices in Latvia decreased by 0.4% from April, the tenth steepest reduction across the European Union, according to the latest data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat.

Meanwhile, producer price increases were recorded in Cyprus – 2.1%, Hungary – 0.6%, as well as Estonia and Slovakia – 0.5% each. Producer prices in Lithuania decreased by 0.1% when compared to April, informs LETA.


Similarly to Latvia, the Netherlands also registered a 0.4% decrease in producer prices in May.


The largest decrease in producer prices was registered in Great Britain – 2%, Denmark and Greece – 1.4% each, followed by France – 1.1%.


Compared to April, producer prices decreased by 0.7% in the EU and by 0.5% in the eurozone.


In comparison with May 2011, producer prices grew 2.4% in the EU and 2.3% in the eurozone.


Compared to the same month last year, producer prices in May increased in all member states for which data are available, excluding Sweden, which saw a fall of 0.2%.


The largest year-on-year increase was registered in Cyprus – 9.1%, Hungary – 7.4%, and Lithuania – 5.6%.


Producer prices increased by 3.9% in Latvia when compared to May of the previous year, and by 3.3% in Estonia.

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