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Estonia intensifies relations with India

Juhan Tere, BC,Tallinn, 13.06.2012.Print version
At the opening of the visa representation center of the Indian Embassy on Town Hall Square in Tallinn today, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet expressed his satisfaction that Estonia-India relations have grown closer over the past few years, the Estonian Foreign Ministry reports.

"The opening of an Indian visa representation centre in Tallinn is yet another step towards intensifying direct contacts between Estonia and India," Paet noted.


Previously people wanting to travel to India had to apply for a visa at the Indian Embassy in Helsinki, writes LETA.


"Although Estonian citizens have generally not had problems applying for Indian visas, hopefully the possibility of getting a visa in Tallinn will increase the number of people visiting India," said the foreign minister.


Paet stated that co-operation between the two countries can be developed on paper, but true steps towards closer relations are made through communication between people and institutions.


"All practical steps are extremely welcome," said Paet.


"Both visiting one another and carrying out joint projects help to develop our co-operation," he added.


Soon Estonia will be opening its embassy in New Delhi, Paet said.


"Opening an Estonian Embassy in India will create better opportunities for Indian tourists, businessmen, students and others to visit Estonia," stated Foreign Minister Paet.


"Our desire to intensify relations with India requires that people are able to visit Estonia, and for this we must provide the necessary consular functions," added the foreign minister.

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