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Number of needy residents in Latvia increased by 69,700 in 2010

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 15.02.2011.Print version
The number of needy residents in Latvia increased by about 69,700 in 2010, and as a result, the total number of recipients of guaranteed minimum income increased by approximately 40,200, and of apartment benefits by approximately 19,900. Altogether, LVL 89.7 million was spent from the state budget and European Union funds for implementation of social security network strategy, according to the Welfare Ministry's report.

On the average, guaranteed minimum income varied from LVL 26.41 to LVL 27.71 a month last year, writes LETA.


The report also says that the number of recipients of the guaranteed minimum income last year increased less than planned for 2010.


The number of recipients of apartment allowances varied between 31,800 in January and 63,400 in March last year, whereas the amount of the allowance – between LVL 24.78 and LVL 38.13.


The total number of needy residents reached the peek last September and continued to reduce in the following months, nevertheless, this number still exceeds 170,000. A steep increase in this number in August and September is because needy families are entitled to free stationery and free lunches for pupils and students.


The Welfare Ministry also informs that certain changes were implemented in 2010 – the procedure of applying for the status of a needy resident was simplified, the scope of residents entitled to the status was widened, and others.


The Welfare Ministry's report was approved by the government today, the report is now to be handed in to the Saeima.

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