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In Q1, number of guests at Lithuanian hotels fell by 21%

Audrius Taraila, Statistics Lithuania, Vilnius, 22.05.2020.Print version
In I quarter 2020, accommodation establishments in Lithuania accommodated 527.9 thousand tourists, or by 21% less than in the same period of 2019.

The number of foreign tourists totalled 219.7 thousand (by 23.8% less), the number of Lithuania’s residents – 308.3 thousand (by 18.8% less).

In January 2020, the country’s accommodation establishments received 1.2% less tourists, in February – 2.3% more, while in March, due to the imposed COVID‑19 quarantine in Lithuania – even 58.1% less, than over the respective months in 2019.

In I quarter 2020, the number of overnight stays totalled 1.1 million, or by 20.2% less than a year ago. One guest stayed in an accommodation establishment for, on average, 2.2 nights.


Number of tourists accommodated and overnight stays


I quarter 2020

Growth, drop (–), against I quarter 2019, %

Number of tourists, thousand



All accommodation establishments, total



Lithuanian residents






Hotels, guest houses and motels, total



Lithuanian residents






Number of overnight stays, thousand



All accommodation establishments, total



Lithuanian residents






Hotels, guest houses and motels, total



Lithuanian residents






In I quarter 2020, hotels, guest houses and motels received 382.3 thousand tourists (by 21.8% less than in the same period of 2019). The number of foreign tourists dropped also by 22% and totalled 184.5 thousand.

In I quarter 2020, the number of rooms in hotels, guest houses and motels totalled 15 thousand (in I quarter 2019, 14.8 thousand), that of beds – 32.7 thousand (in I quarter 2019, 30.5 thousand). Room and bed occupancy rates, against I quarter 2019, decreased by 6.1 and 4.6 percentage points respectively.

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Definitions :

Accommodation establishment — a local kind of-activity unit providing paid short-stay accommodation services.

Tourist — any person who travels to areas outside the limits of his or her permanent place of residence and remains for at least one night, but no longer than for a year, on condition that this activity is not studies or paid work in the place visited.

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