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Lithuanians shop online more than Latvians, Estonians – SEB

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The Lithuanians shop online more than the Latvians and Estonians, a new survey by the SEB bank shows, with people in Lithuania often choosing local online stores.

Also, there's a growing number of people in Lithuania who have fallen victim to fraudsters.

92% of people with internet access in Lithuania have bought something online, and one in 10 (11%) of them do so regularly. The country is ahead of its neighbors of Latvia and Estonia in this respect.

"29% of people in Lithuania buy online at least several times a month or do so regularly, compared to 24% of people over 18% in Latvia and Estonia each," Vaidas Zagunis, head of the retail banking service at SEB, said in a statement.

Also more shoppers in Lithuania, compared to Latvia and Estonia, pick local online platforms and stores, with 67% choosing them in Lithuania. And 49% said they shop using international platforms. In Latvia, the rates stand at 62 and 55% respectively, and 46 and 52% respectively in Estonia.

8% of the Lithuanian residents who took part in the survey said they came across fraudsters when shopping online. The share stood at 4% in Latvia and 6 percent in Estonia.

The survey of over 1,000 adults in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for SEB was carried out by Norstat in April-May.

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