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Estonia: In June, the number of tourists in accommodation establishments increased

Helga Laurmaa Analyst Enterprise and Agricultural Statistics Department Statistics Estonia , 07.08.2019.Print version
According to Statistics Estonia, in June 2019, a total of 407,000 tourists stayed in accommodation establishments, which is 9% more than in June 2018. The number of both domestic and foreign tourists increased.

In June, a total of 255,000 foreign tourists used services of accommodation establishments, and spent there a total of 480,000 nights. The number of foreign tourists increased by 10% and the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists increased by 7% compared to the previous year.

Nearly one third of foreign tourists came from Finland, 11% from Germany and 7% from Russia and Latvia. Compared to June of the previous year, the number of tourists from Germany and Latvia increased by 21% and 30%, respectively. There were 13% more Asian tourists in accommodation establishments. The number of tourists from Finland and Russia decreased respectively by 7% and 5%, compared to June of the previous year.

Of the accommodated foreign tourists, 76% came to Estonia for holiday, 19% were on a business and the rest had some other reason for visiting. 63% of foreign tourists were accommodated in Tallinn and 11% in Pärnu.

In June, 152,000 domestic tourists stayed in accommodation establishments, i.e. 8% more than in June 2018. In June, domestic tourists spent a total of 264,000 nights in accommodation establishments, i.e. the number of overnight stays by domestic tourists increased by 9% compared to June 2018. 67% of domestic tourists were on a holiday trip and 19% on a business trip. 23% of the accommodated domestic tourists stayed in Harju county, 16% in Pärnu county and 10% in Ida-Viru and Tartu counties.

1,378 accommodation establishments offered services for tourists across Estonia. 24,000 rooms and 57,000 bed places were available. 53% of the rooms and 43% of the bed places were occupied. The average cost of a guest night was 41 euros, i.e. one euro more than in June 2018. The average cost of a guest night in Harju county was 51 euros, in Tartu and Pärnu counties 36 euros and in Ida-Viru county 31 euros.

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