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Estonia: A little over a tenth of dwellings were built in this century

Vassili Levenko Leading analyst Population and Social Statistics Department Statistics Estonia, 14.05.2019.Print version
According to Statistics Estonia, on 1 January 2018, there were 718,600 dwellings in Estonia, of which nearly 76%, or 542,500, were occupied. Of these, 99.1% were conventional dwellings and other housing units, and 0.9% were collective living quarters.

Half of the occupied dwellings that are not collective quarters were smaller than 60 m2, a quarter of the dwellings had a floor area of 60–80 m2 and the rest were over 80 m2. Almost two-thirds of the dwellings consisted of 2 and 3 rooms – 32% and 31%, respectively.

Of all occupied dwellings, 66% had all four amenities: tap water, flush toilet, bath or shower and central heating. 83% of occupied dwellings had tap water, 86% had a bath or shower, 69% had central heating and 87% had a flush toilet.

Of the existing dwellings, 11%, or 78,000, were located in buildings constructed since 2001. The share of new dwellings is above the Estonian average in Harju and Tartu counties.

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