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56% of Latvian residents sort their waste - survey

BC, Riga, 06.02.2019.Print version
56% of Latvian resident sort and recycle their waste, according to a survey commissioned by the waste management company Eco Baltia Grupa.

Residents of Zemgale are the most active in sorting their waste - 67%, followed by residents of Vidzeme - 64%, as well as Kurzeme and Latgale - 54% in each. Meanwhile, only 45% of Riga residents sort and recycle their waste.

According to the survey, the most recycled items are glass bottles and jars (84%), batteries (74%), plastic bottles (70%), paper and carton (62%), cans (29%), used electrical items (28%), biological waste (22%) and used tires (16%).

Meanwhile, asked the reason they do not sort their waste of recycle, 58% of respondents said that there are no recycling bins anywhere near their residences, 38% said that they are used to throwing their trash out in one place, 22% said that it is inconvenient, 13% do not understand the need for this, while 6% mentioned a different reason.

This survey was conducted by SKDS, questioning a total of 1,002 respondents between the ages of 18 to 74 throughout Latvia.


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