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1 in 10 employed in Estonia worked part-time in 2017

BC, Tallinn, 11.06.2018.Print version
A little less than 10% of employed people in Estonia worked part-time in 2017, which is twice as less as on average in the European Union, it can be seen from the data published by Eurostat on June 8th, cites LETA/BNS.

While in Estonia the share of employed people who worked part-time was 9.5% last year, the EU member state with the highest share of people working part-time was the Netherlands with 49.8%, followed by Austria with 27.9%, Germany with 26.9% and Denmark with 25.3%. The EU average was 19.4%.

The smallest share of employed people working part-time was in Bulgaria, where the indicator totaled 2.2%, followed by Hungary with 4.3% and Croatia with 4.8%. In 10 EU member states the share of employed people working part-time is smaller than in Estonia.

The share of employed women working part-time was substantially higher than the share of men -- respectively 31.7% and 8.8%. In Estonia the corresponding indicators totaled 13.3% and 6%.

Last year 43 million people in the EU aged 15-64 worked part-time last year.

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