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Latvia progresses towards gender equality at snail's pace

BC, Riga, 24.04.2018.Print version
Latvia is progressing towards gender equality at snail's pace, the Welfare Ministry's senior expert on gender equality, Agnese Gaile, said during a lecture about the importance of gender equality in the policy-making, cites LETA.

She said that women made up 54.1% of Latvia's population in 2017 but women are seriously underrepresented in various fields. For example, only 16% of the Latvian lawmakers are women, and there are only three women ministers among the 13 members of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers. Women are somewhat better represented in local councils at 34.01% but all largest cities are run by male mayors.

Over the past ten years, men account for no more than 35% of university graduates in Latvia. For example, out of all people, who obtained higher education in Latvia in 2016, 65.5% were women and 34.5% were men.

Nevertheless, women get 17% less in wages and salaries than men, and employment among men is also higher. In the third quarter of 2017, the employment rate among women was 72.8% compared to 77.6% among the male population.

There are also serious differences in life expectancy and quality of life. Thus, life expectancy at birth is 79.5 years for women and 69.7% for men.

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