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50.3% Latvians choose goods to buy based on price

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Price is the key factor for 50.3% of Latvians when choosing products to buy at a retail store, according to the latest Maxima Retail Trade Compass survey, cites LETA.

At the same time, 40.6% of respondents said their choice was based mainly on the quality of goods.

As many as 55% of respondents admit that products sold at discounted or promotional prices account for half of their basket of purchases.

Most respondents try to buy everything they need at one store (51.1%) while 23.2% said they were visiting different stores to buy their favorite items. Also, 30.8% go to a different store at least once a week to buy some goods offered at an attractive price and 18.6%, lured by attractive prices, visit different stores several times a week.

Nearly 75% occasionally or frequently leaf through the retailers' information booklets to see which products they are offering at lower prices.

Every second respondent said they were drawing up shopping lists before going to the store, and every eighth strictly keeps to the list, but men (47.4%) and young people aged 18-25 years (53%) are most likely to make spontaneous purchases.

Average customer satisfaction with the existing retail stores in Latvia is 3.72 points on the scale from 1 to 5. The product range scored 3.94 points, convenience of shopping 3.86 points, customer service 3.75 points, quality of goods 3.74 and the price level 3.33 points.

According to the survey, income had increased for 40% of respondents over the past year which is by 8% more than the year before. Meanwhile, 71.7% said their spending had increased, 22.5% said their spending had remained on the same level and 3.8% said their spending had decreased.

The survey was carried out in cooperation with the SKDS pollster among 1,005 residents aged 18-74 years in January 2018.

Maxima Retail Trade Compass is an overview of the situation in the retail trade produced by Maxima Latvija, one of the largest retail chains in Latvia.

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