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90% consumers in Latvia recognize Green Spoon quality label

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90% of consumers in Latvia recognize the Green Spoon quality label, and 54% recognize the Burgundy spoon label, writes LETA, according to a survey conducted by the Latvian Federation of Food Producers (LPUF).

The survey results show that the Green Spoon and the Burgundy Spoon are the most popular quality labels for food products, followed by Latvia’s Ekoprodukts and Euro-leaf organic product labels.


Also, 59% of consumers trust the Green Spoon label, 28% trust the Burgundy Spoon, while the share of trust in other quality labels is lower.


The survey was conducted by LPUF in cooperation with Snapshots pollster, polling 700 respondents in November 2017.


The Green Spoon label is granted to those food products that have been grown or produced in Latvia, and the Burgundy Spoon is awarded to products the full production cycle of which takes place in Latvia in line with increased quality standards and that do not contain genetically modified organisms. The national food quality label Green Spoon has so far been awarded to 464 food products made by 113 Latvian companies, and 237 products made by 42 companies have earned the Burgundy Spoon labeling.


The LPUF unites business associations and individual food companies that together represent more than 60% of the Latvian food industry market.


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