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Estonians spent EUR 18 more on alcohol in 2017

BC, Tallinn, 29.01.2018.Print version
As a result of a 8.3% increase in the prices of alcoholic beverages, members of Estonian households in 2017 spent at least 18 euros more and 1.5 euros more in each month of the year than in 2016 to buy alcohol, Statistics Estonia said in the statistics blog, cites LETA/BNS.

"If we look at one expenditure item which caused the most debate, in 2016 each household member spent on the average 108 euros on alcoholic beverages. Considering that in 2017 alcoholic beverages became 8.4% more expensive, this would mean each household member paying 18 euros per year or 1.5 euros per month more provided that other conditions remain the same," Mart Leesment, chief analyst of Statistics Estonia, said.


According to the household spending survey for 2016, a member of an Estonian household spent on the average 4,891 euros during that year. Considering that in 2017 the consumer price index grew 3.4%, and if other factors influencing consumption remained the same, people's outlays last year increased by 166 euros.


In the biggest expenditure item -- food and non-alcoholic beverages -- the price increase was 5.7%, which translates into at least 65 euros more spent per household member during the year.

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