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39% Latvians expect their financial situation to improve in 2018

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As many as 39% of people in Latvia expect the situation with their family finances to improve this year, writes LETA, according to a poll carried out by Norvik Banka.

The poll showed that 33% of Latvians expect their family finances to improve, if only a little, this year and 6% expect major improvements in their financial situation compared to 2017.


At the same time, 38% of Latvians think their financial situation will remain unchanged this year, and 24% think the situation with the family finances will get worse.


The poll also indicated that 55% of respondents are accumulating savings and 23% are determined to start saving up money in 2018.


In opinion of 32% of respondents, 2018 will be a good year to spend money, for example, on home improvement, household appliances and travelling, and 14%, mostly young men, think this year is a good time for investments. However, 44% admitted they did not know which was the best way to spend their money.


The poll was carried out in December 2017 in cooperation with Snapshots pollster and covered 702 Latvian residents aged 15-74 years throughout the country.

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