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The employment rate in Lithuania increased, in Latvia and Estonia decreased in Q2

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The employment rate in Lithuania went up in the second quarter of 2017 from the earlier quarter, however, declined in Latvia and Estonia, Eurostat said on Wednesday, cites LETA/BNS.

Lithuania's employment rate inched up 0.5% in April-June from the earlier quarter, while that of Latvia went down by 0.7% and by 0.5% in Estonia, the European Union's (EU) statistics agency said.


Year-on-year, the employed share of the population narrowed by 0.3% in Lithuania and by 1.4% in Latvia but rose by 0.1% in Estonia.


Employment in the second quarter of 2017 grew on average by 0.4% both in the eurozone and in the European Union, while in Estonia it fell 0.5% compared to the previous quarter.


Compared to the second quarter of 2016, employment increased 1.6% in the eurozone and 1.5% in the European Union, Eurostat data show.


Of the member states, unemployment increased the most in Malta by 1%, in Spain by 0.9% and in Greece and Poland by 0.8%.


Employment decreased the most in Croatia by 0.8%, in Latvia by 0.7%, in Romania by 0.6% and in Estonia by 0.5%.

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