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Majority believes it is better to live in Riga than other places in Latvia

BC, Riga, 17.07.2017.Print version
The majority of Latvian residents believe life in Riga is better than in other places of the country, according to a survey conducted by SKDS pollster, cites LETA.

65% of the residents polled in May agreed that life in Riga is better than in other places of Latvia, including 35% saying that it is considerably better, and 30% saying that it is slightly better.


At the same time, 9% of respondents voiced the opposite opinion, with 6% saying that living in Riga is slightly worse than in other places, and 3% saying that it is much worse.


Also, every fifth respondent said that life in Riga is the same as in other places in the world, and 7% did not have any particular opinion.

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