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Estonian prices were 24% lower than EU average in 2016

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The price level of Estonian consumer goods and services was 24 % lower that the European Union average in 2016, which means that Estonia placed 18th in the ranking, reports LETA/BNS.

The highest price level was recorded in Denmark where it exceeded the EU average by 39%. Denmark was followed by Ireland with 25% and Luxembourg and Sweden with 24%, data published by Eurostat on Thursday show.

The lowest prices were recorded in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania -- respectively 48%, 53% and 52% of the EU average.

The biggest differences were detected in the prices of alcohol and tobacco. The lowest price level was registered in Bulgaria where the prices of alcohol and tobacco amounted to 56% of the EU average, while in Ireland and the U.K. the price level was 75% and 62% higher than the EU average.

In Estonia the prices of alcohol and tobacco were 14% lower than the EU average.

In Estonia the price level of clothing is 13% higher than the EU average and only in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland and Denmark the prices of clothing were higher than in Estonia.

The least expensive hotels and restaurants are in Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic where the prices were around 50% cheaper than the EU average. At the same time, the highest prices in that category were recorded in Denmark, Sweden and Finland where they exceeded the EU average by respectively 50%, 44% and 27%.

In Estonia the price level of hotels and restaurants was 20% below the EU average.

In the category of food and non-alcoholic beverages, Denmark placed the highest with prices 48% more expensive than the EU average, while the lowest prices were recorded in Poland and Romania, amounting to 62% of the EU average.

In Estonia food and non-alcoholic beverages were 10% cheaper than the average.


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