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Lithuania's hourly labor costs among EU's lowest in 2016

BC, Vilnius, 06.04.2017.Print version
Hourly labor costs in Lithuania last year were among the lowest in the European Union, figures from the EU statistical office Eurostat showed on Thursday.

Average hourly labor costs in the whole economy, excluding agriculture and public administration, amounted to 7.3 euros in 2016, up 7.5% from 6.8 euros in 2015.

Lower hourly costs were only recorded in Romania, at 5.5 euros, and in Bulgaria, at 4 euros. Hourly labor costs in Latvia last year stood at 7.5 euros, and those in Estonia, at 10.9 euros.

In Lithuania, hourly labor costs averaged 7.3 euros in industry and 7.2 euros in both construction and services.

The highest hourly labor costs last year were registered in Denmark, at 42 euros, Belgium, at 39.2 euros, Sweden, at 38 euros, and Luxembourg, at 36.6 euros.

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