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Estonia faces decrease of working population by 44,000 people in 5 years

BC, Tallinn, 07.01.2015.Print version
A policy paper, compiled at the initiative of Estonian State Chancellery Strategy Bureau and the European Union Secretariat, considers Estonia's biggest problem to be the decrease of the workforce, reported LETA, referring to the State Chancellery.

In 2015, implementing the competitiveness plan "Estonia 2020" reaches a halfway point and thus interim conclusions and proposals were compiled, said State Chancellery Deputy Strategy Director Märt Loite.


The interim report points out that the number of people aged 20-64 is projected to decline in the Estonian labour market over the next five years by 44,000 people. Large-scale reforms in the work ability and education systems are already in progress. "It is therefore necessary, for achieving the objectives of employment and preserving the current number of workers, to work on improving skills, bring to the labour market people who have been away so far, from among the young, the elderly, the disabled people and people with caregiver burden, and create favourable conditions for increase of labour force in Estonia," said Loite.


The report makes a number of proposals, like programs that enable fast training, for example, in 1.5 years, of a critical mass of workers for sectors that need more specialists; offering labour market services for the working people, who are at higher risk of becoming unemployed; changing the state financing model of R&D institutions and universities to support applied research and technology transfer better and include companies in research more.


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