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Internet shopping gains popularity in Lithuania

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 21.06.2012.Print version
Internet shopping becomes more and more popular in Lithuania; therefore, consumers prefer check in trade centers to look at the items and later make purchases via the world-wide net, The Lithuania Tribune reports referring to Lietuvos

Lithuanian Internet shopping source Manager Dainius Liulys noted that changing habits of Lithuanian residents is obvious, and they see rapid increase in turnover in the nearest future, writes LETA.


According to forecasts, the company's total income would reach 80 million litas by the end of this year, and it could total 260 million litas by 2015.


Total turnover of the two online shops that belong to company Pigu in Lithuania and Latvia reached 26 million litas in the first five years of operation. The turnover of the internet shop amounted to eight million litas, and in Lithuania – 18 million litas, that was 64 percent more than over the same period in 2012.

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