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Cable TV should become digital by autumn 2011 in Estonia

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 03.06.2011.Print version
According to a draft law by the Estonian economy and communications ministry, the current cable-analogue television has to become cable-digital television by September 1, 2012, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

Currently 51% of homes with a TV use analogue-cable TV to watch television. The share of those people is the highest among non-Estonian speaking population, a whole 87%. This means that there is no point for example for the National Broadcasting to add the possibility of a translation language to its service since technically these services would not reach a half of people, and the majority of non-Estonia speakers.


According to the bill, some communications companies that offer cable TV service have already launched the so-called digital revolution in cable networks, as the result of which the choice of TV programmes has increased, speed of home Internet has increased and free phone services have been added to the services package.

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