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Estonian company launches a unique crypto trading platform

BC, Tallinn, 20.12.2018.Print version
CoinMetro, an Estonian fintech startup, has launched the first version of its unique crypto trading platform. Unlike its competitors, CoinMetro’s integrated platform is suitable for all – beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, informed CoinMetro representative,

Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro, explained that the newly launched platform is “for everyone who wants to deposit, exchange, trade, make payments and withdraw in crypto or fiat currencies”. Previously, crypto enthusiasts needed to choose a suitable platform, out of the many available on the market, based on their trading experience.

“Our platform is the first one in the world to cater to traders of all levels – beginner, intermediate and pro, all in one,” said Murcko. He added that to make the launch smoother, only one pair – BTC/EUR, allowing deposits in euro and the purchase of bitcoin – was introduced, but more tradeable pairs would be added to the platform over the coming days and weeks. 

“This way, fiat currency holders are able to enter the digital asset market, without having a crypto balance,” Murcko explained. Having a user-friendly dashboard and three different views, the platform is built for people of all experience levels – from first-time crypto buyers to experienced traders. “The information provided on the platform helps make better trading decisions and also adapt to different market environments,” Murcko added.

According to CoinMetro’s CEO, the new platform is designed for anyone interested in the current crypto asset boom, allowing them to make a passive investment. The target group includes beginners, traders of other asset classes – e.g. Forex or stocks – long-term crypto investors, companies interested in launching an ICO, and the 1 bn unbanked people around the globe, reaching out to places where traditional banks refuse to go.

“We are planning to add many different features to the platform in 2019 and will keep our followers updated via social media,” Murcko stated. The platform can be used via desktop and mobile apps.

CoinMetro is a company developing a fully-rounded trading ecosystem for digital assets. The company was established at the beginning of 2018, having raised 12 mln Euro from 7,000 contributors. The ultimate goal of CoinMetro is to connect digital assets based on blockchain technology with traditional markets. CoinMetro was created by the team behind the established Forex broker, FXPIG.

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