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Riga City Council plans to allot additional EUR 22.5 mln subsidy to Rigas Satiksme transport company

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The Riga City Council in this year’s amendments to the budget plans to allocate additional EUR 22.5 mln subsidy to Rigas Satiksme municipal public transport company, Riga City Council lawmaker Vilnis Kirsis told LETA.

Kirsis is a member of the Riga City Council budget committee members who last week revised the planned amendments to the budget.

According to the documents at the disposal of LETA, expenditure in the Riga City Council budget this year will increase by EUR 26.65 mln, with the bulk of the sum or EUR 22.5 mln will for to Rigas Satiksme.

According to Kirsis, Rigas Satiksme will use EUR 4.75 mln to cover fare discounts granted to different social groups, such as pensioners, students, etc. EUR 17.75 mln will be used to cover loss between the collected fares and expenses of the transportation company.

Rigas Satiksme Baiba Bartasevica-Feldmane told LETA that Rigas Satiksme is applying for increase of subsidies every year based on the current situation.

Kirsis said that such amendments mean that in next year’s budget the local government will have to allocate more money to Rigas Satiksme again. "In my opinion, it suggests of the poor financial situation in the company," he said.

The amendments still have to be revised by committees and the Riga City Council.

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