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Tallinn airport to extend the runway to reduce noise level

BC, Tallinn, 25.11.2013.Print version
The Tallinn Airport intends to extend its runway by almost a fourth which would enable planes to fly higher above the city of Tallinn, thus reducing noise level, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The public discussion of the Tallinn Airport runway extension environmental effects evaluation report takes place on December 16. The construction work to extend the runway should start in 2015.


Tallinn Airport board member Erik Sakkov said that the aim is to extend the nearly 3 km long runway by 720 metres.


"When we extend the runway, we will be able to regularly receive even the biggest passenger planes," said Sakkov.


"Another very important reason for extending the runway is that it enables us to move the threshold of the runway. If we move the threshold of the runway by 200-400 metres further from Lake Ülemiste, it will provide us with the possibility of planes flying higher above the city in the future. When planes are higher, it means that there is less noise in the city of Tallinn," he said.

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