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Over 41 mln letters were sent in Estonia in 2010

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 13.01.2011.Print version
Over 41 million letters were sent in Estonia last year and in December, Eesti Post handled nearly 4.3 million letters, LETA/National Broadcasting reports.

Eesti Post said however that in the postal market the tendency of decrease of letter sending and increase of share of logistics and information logistics services increases.


Christmas month was a busy one nevertheless. “Statistics show that sending postcards has not decreased, this trend has in recent years been increasing instead,” Eesti Post board chairman Ahti Kallaste said.


The majority of letters handled by Eesti Post were mailed in Estonia. 36.8 million letters were mailed in Estonia to Estonia or abroad and 4.4 million letters were sent from abroad to Estonia.

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