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airBaltic to sell cheap flights at Maxima stores

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 30.11.2010.Print version
The Latvian airline airBaltic is teaming up with Maxima to sell its vouchers for flights at the retailer’s stores in the Baltic States, reported BC vice president of corporate communications at airBaltic Janis Vanags.

Tero Taskila, Chief Commercial Officer of airBaltic: “At Maxima, customers can now put cheap flight tickets in their shopping carts along with bread, milk and sausages. Similar initiatives in Scandinavia and the Baltics in the past few years have shown that the lower-priced airBaltic tickets attract thousands and thousands of new customers to retail stores.”


Ivars Andins, press secretary of Maxima: „With this convenient and simple offer we can help Maxima customers to fulfil their dreams and travel to almost 80 airBaltic destinations in Europe, Middle East and Russia/CIS. We believe that this offer will be a very good gift to our loyal customers – owners of “Paldies” loyalty cards in Latvia, “Ačiū” cards in Lithuania and “Aitah” cards in Estonia.”


The vouchers for flights (e-vouchers) will be sold at Maxima stores for a limited period of time December 1 – 15. Flight vouchers are made available to customers participating in the retailer’s loyalty programme. Flights to the Baltic and Scandinavian airports will cost LVL 25 (EEK 800; LTL 149). Flights to Western Europe will cost LVL 35 (EEK 110; LTL 249), while longer flights to the Middle East/CIS/Russia will cost LVL 45 (EEK1300; LTL 299). E-vouchers cover full price of a ticket, including all taxes and fees, but do not cover ancillary services such as insurance, checked-in baggage, hotels.


E-vouchers can be exchanged for tickets for almost all of airBaltic’s destinations in Europe, Middle East and CIS/Russia. Travellers will start their journey in Riga, Tallinn or Vilnius. One voucher is the equivalent of a one-way ticket. A roundtrip requires two E-vouchers – one to travel to the destination airport and the other to return home.


E-vouchers as such are not valid travel documents and must be exchanged for tickets at between December 1 and December 30. E-vouchers are valid for flights from February 1 – November 27, 2011.

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