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Estonian Air carried 12.3% more passengers in September

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 27.10.2010.Print version
Estonian Airline Estonian Air carried 12.3% more passengers in September 2010, overall, 57,398 persons, Estonian Air reports. The number of passengers on regular flights increased 11.6% and decreased on charter flights by 19.0% in September, year-on-year. The number of carried tourists increased fifth month in a row till September.

In September Estonian Air carried 57 398 passengers, out of which 52 242 on regular flights. In the first nine months Estonian Air carried altogether 440,669 passengers, out of which 397,753 – on regular flights, writes LETA.


Estonian Air carried from Tallinn 414,601 passengers. The total number of passengers was on the same level, year-on-year, on regular flights decreased 0.8%.


"The nine month result is influenced by the decrease in passenger number in the first four months of the year. Starting from May the number of passengers has been increasing steadily and achieved the highest growth in September this year," commented Rauno Parras, the Estonian Air Deputy President Commercial.


In the first nine months the market share of Estonian Air in the regular flights segment at Tallinn Airport was 42.1%, which is 4.3%age points lower, year-on-year. The total market share (regular and charter flights) was 39.7%, which is 2.4%age points lower, year-on-year.


"The slight fall in the market share is coming from optimisation of our operations while the local market has been growing but the number of seats offered by Estonian Air has remained at the same level. Since the demand of air travel is stabilizing Estonian Air is planning to increase the number of seats as well," added Parras.


In the first nine months Estonian Air operated 7738 flights, which is 0.8% more, year-on-year. In September Estonian Air operated 981 flights, which is 2.0% more in comparison with last year's respective period.


In the first nine months the regularity of Estonian Air was 98.1% and the 15-minute punctuality was 87.4%.

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