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airBaltic wins special award from World’s Top Low Cost Carrier Jury

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 01.10.2010.Print version
The Latvian national airline airBaltic was handed a special award from the Jury of the Budgies World Low Cost Airline Awards, recognising achievements of airBaltic as a hybrid airline, informed BC press service of airBaltic.

airBaltic received the award at World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London. The panel of international judges in the jury acknowledged airBaltic’s achievements and observed that the carrier sets trends in the world’s airline industry. “The judges of the Budgies Award for 2010 believe the efforts and results of airBaltic deserve special merit. This airline has made tremendous strides to remake itself as a truly hybrid airline. It has readily adapted to dramatic changes to its business environment and the economy of its region. In addition, airBaltic is a marketing innovator with a continuous stream of revenue-enhancing products and services. The judges believe airBaltic deserves special merit as a pacesetter in the world’s airline industry,” reads the statement of the Jury.


Bertolt Flick, President and Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic: "airBaltic has a unique business model integrating some of the best features of network carriers and low cost airlines. Successful restructuring and focused management of the airline has earned airBaltic international awards for its achievements as a network carrier. The selection of airBaltic as an airline in the top league of low cost carriers is recognition of our low-cost structure and affordable tickets to passengers. We thank our customers who encourage us to innovate and improve continuously."


The jury choosing airBaltic for the award consists of a panel of six globally recognised judges, experts in the aviation industry such as Patrick Murphy, former Chairman of Ryanair, Chris Tarry, Managing Director of Ctaira and a regular columnist in Airline Business.


airBaltic has previously received the title of Airline of the Year 2009/2010 (Gold Award) from the European Regions Airline Association. airBaltic is also the winner of Air Transport World Phoenix Award 2010 – a global recognition of excellence in restructuring business, an award that has the same meaning for airlines as the Oscar award for filmmakers.


airBaltic serves more 80 destinations from its home base at North Hub Riga, Latvia. From each of these, airBaltic offers convenient connections via North Hub Riga to its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East.


More information about the Best Low Cost Airline award:

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