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Tartu Airport has been used by 23,900 passengers in one year

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 21.07.2010.Print version
A total of 23,900 passengers have travelled through the Tartu Airport that started servicing international regular flights in July 2009, writes LETA/Postimees Online.

“We can be perfectly satisfied with these results; from the beginning of this year, 14,300 persons have flown via the airport and thus the initial objective of getting 27,000 passengers per year is perfectly feasible,” said the head of the Tartu Airport Margo Muda.


The record month in the number of passengers this year was May with 2,698 persons flying via the airport.


“The City of Tartu has never doubted that there will be enough air travellers here,” said the deputy Mayor of Tartu Karin Jaanson. According to her, the first year has been relatively difficult as the lack of the instrumental landing system has turned several flights into bus trips which in turn has caused a decline in the number of passengers.


The Tartu Airport is currently preparing for the installation of the instrumental landing system that would help aircrafts to land even when the visibility is impaired due to weather conditions. ILS would be installed by end of September and Muda asserted that then the flight links to Tartu will be much more stable.


Currently the Tartu Airport services flights to Stockholm twice a week and to Riga twice a day.

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