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Autoliv closes plants, keeps Norma in Estonia

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 23.12.2009.Print version
The car safety equipment producer Autoliv, majority owner of Estonian Norma, is closing its plans all over the world; Norma plant in Tallinn will not be closed but workers have to spend the end of the year 2009 and January at a forced vacations, National Broadcasting/LETA reports. Autoliv concern’s plants in France, Germany, Mexico and Tunisia will be closed and 1,400 people will lose jobs.

Norma’s board chairman Peep Siimon said that Autoliv closes plants to consolidate production capacities in centres. “But we will stay operating, deficiently will stay operating,” Siimon confirmed. He added that although January has a low turnover and partial work-time will be implemented, major redundancies are not planned.


Norma’s turnover has fallen in a year but the company is still in profit. Sales to Russia and Ukraine have fallen considerably. Swedish car industry also faces major changes. Norma supplies Volvo with safety belt parts.


“I don’t see a major fall next year. When the ownership change in Volvo takes place, then with a company that big, abrupt changes shouldn’t take place,” said Siimon.


Norma is part of the Autoliv concern since 1999.

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