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Estonian Air to suspend operating the route to Paris in October

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 15.07.2009.Print version
Estonian Air will stop flying between Tallinn and Paris sooner than initially planned; the last flight on this route will take place on October 1, writes Äripä

“The route to Paris is a seasonal one which we will close down sooner this year due to decreased demand for holiday travels,” commented the acting Vice President of Estonian Air in charge of commerce Rauno Parras.


President of Estonian Air Andrus Aljas also noted that the route to Paris is a good example of risks involved with seasonal routes. “We sold this route long in advance and there were a number of groups in France that wanted to organise a so-called Baltic tour – to arrive via Tallinn and leave from Vilnius or vice versa,” he said, adding that by now, these groups have cancelled as after flyLAL disappeared from Vilnius, no one flies to Paris any more.


“In general, we are not pleased with routes that are mostly targeted to holiday travellers as people are cutting significantly their spending on vacations,” added Aljas.

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