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Lithuanian haulers will be able to make use of Brexit, body rep says

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Britain's EU withdrawal without any deal would be an undoubtedly negative thing for Lithuanian economy but the country's haulers would be able to adapt and make use of new opportunities provided by a hard Brexit, Tomas Garuolis, transport policy secretary at the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association LINAVA, says.

"It's bad that the Brits are leaving as the common market we have operated so far will shrink. This is not good as Lithuania is an open economy and we need as simple economic ties as possible. We have companies with large turnovers in the UK and they will be hit the hardest," Garuolis told.


But, he added, trade ties between the EU and UK will remain and will need to be serviced in any case.


"Every crisis brings new opportunities. The freights between the UK and EU will likely to grow as those transfers will become slightly riskier. Lithuanian haulers adapt quickly, and I believe this will happen in this case as well," Garuolis said.


In his words, even in the case of a hard Brexit, cargo transportation to and from the UK is unlikely to change considerably.


"The European Parliament and European Commission have agreed already on a 9-month transition period, so our transportation will remain the same. Perhaps certain restrictions might apply to cabotage," he said.


On Tuesday, British lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, making the chance of a no-deal Brexit in late March very likely.


On Wednesday, the British parliament is due to vote on whether the country should leave the EU without a deal in two weeks.

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