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Some 2,000 cars in line to enter Estonia in Ivangorod

BC, Tallinn, 08.03.2018.Print version
Approximately 2,000 cars are waiting to cross the border to Estonia in the Russian town of Ivangorod, Russian media reported on Thursday afternoon, reports LETA/BNS.

Residents of St. Petersburg want to travel to Narva and onwards to Estonia in massive quantities for the duration of the holidays celebrated in Russia, the online publication said. However, according to the people in the queue, the traffic jam is moving only at a speed of 400 meters in two hours.

Representatives of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board said that everything is as normal from the Estonian side and that the border crossing point in Narva is operating as per the daily regime without hindrances. "According to the head of the border crossing point, there are slightly more people crossing the border due to the holidays, but there is nothing out of the ordinary and everything is well," Kerttu Krall, spokesperson for the East prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board, tolds on Thursday.

Russian media said that there are similar jams also on the border between Russia and Finland.

In relation to the International Women's Day, Thursday and Friday are days off in Russia.

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