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Airbus A320 makes emergency landing in Tallinn

BC, Tallinn, 28.02.2018.Print version
An Airbus A320 aircraft has made an emergency landing at Tallinn Airport, which is why the airport's runway will be closed until 10 p.m, BC learned in airport.

An Airbus A320 aircraft of the airline Smartlynx made an emergency landing at Tallinn Airport at 5:11 p.m. on Wednesday. There were no passengers on board the aircraft as it was a training flight. Due to the incident, the runway of the airport will initially be closed until 10 p.m., airport spokespeople said.

Until then, aircraft will not be able to take off or land at Tallinn Airport.

"The aircraft that were supposed to land in Tallinn will either land in Helsinki or Riga -- here, each airline has its own principles and policies on where they will go," told Priit Koff, chief of corporate communication and business development at Tallinn Airport.

He said that the runway will be closed until experts from the Safety Investigation Bureau arrive, who will investigate the incident.

"We must wait until specialists of the Safety Investigation Bureau arrive, who will assess and look at the plane and carry out investigation proceedings. Until then, we cannot to anything or decide anything. Once the experts arrive, we can see how long the runway will be closed for and what our way forward will be," Koff said.

He said that the Airbus A320 that made the emergency landing is located next to end of the runway close to Lagedi.

"The aircraft is next to the runway, in one piece, there is nothing catastrophical. I would not want to say that it drove off the runway, but it is stood next to the runway," Koff said.

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