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Estonian transit businesses ready to search for solutions in collaboration with govt

BC, Tallinn, 25.04.2017.Print version
The Estonian governmental transit commission that met after a more than seven-year break on Tuesday discussed raising the competitiveness of Estonian ports and plans for using global trade routes in the future, with representatives of businesses expressing their readiness to search for joint solutions with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, reports LETA/BNS.

"The sector's businesses welcome the convocation of the transit sector commission in the new lineup, because it is clear to everyone that we have to find new ways how to enliven the sector. While it's easy to lose market share, what has been lost in ten years cannot be restored in one year. But I do see that the new government is ready to take steps to help our transit businesses operate more successfully," Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Kadri Simson said in a press release.

Simson, who convoked the meeting of the transit commission, said it is necessary for the government to listen to advice from the sector's leading forces. Simson said Estonia needs to move from east-west transit more toward north-south transit and described the Rail Baltic project as important in this regard, as it will open up new and faster opportunities for the shipment of freight by rail. "At today's meeting there was a lot of talk about China and tapping into the potential of that country. It was good to see that transit businesses are ready for cooperation and agree to search for solutions together with the government."

The governmental transit commission was set up as an advisory body with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in 2003. The commission has not met for more than seven years now.

The commission, which in addition to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Tax and Customs Board, the Technical Regulatory Authority, the Maritime Administration, the Logistics and Transit Association and the Estonian Association of International Motor Transport Companies includes the businesses Estonian Railways, Port of Tallinn, Rail Baltic Estonia, EVR Cargo, Sillamae Sadam, Alexela Oil, VOPAK E.O.S, E.R.S, and Kuhne + Nagel, will next meet in July.

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