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Estonia to start offering icebreaking service Tuesday

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The Estonian Maritime Administration has decided to put an icebreaker in operation in the Bay of Parnu as of Tuesday, reports LETA.

"Since there's an area of packed ice extending over 15 kilometers in the Bay of Parnu and the ice cover is growing rapidly in subzero temperatures, the Maritime Administration decided to start icebreaking operations on Tuesday," spokespeople said.

Four freight ships headed for Parnu have placed an order for icebreaking assistance already.

The work will be performed by the Maritime Administration's multipurpose vessel EVA-316, which set off for Parnu from Hundipea port in Tallinn on Monday evening.

No ice cover has formed in the Gulf of Finland yet.

Parny Bay was the only region off the coast of Estonia where icebreaking assistance was necessary last winter, as ship routes in the Gulf of Finland never became icebound.

Vessels bound for or about to leave Parnu harbor are required to have ice class 1C or higher according to Lloyd's Register of Shipping and an engine power of at least 1,600 kilowatts to be eligible for icebreaker assistance.

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