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Liepaja airport to be certified by September 20

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The airport of the southwestern Latvian port city of Liepaja will be certified by September 20, Agris Sprude, a board member of Aviasabiedriba Liepaja, told Rietumu Radio commercial station.cites LETA

This means that the airport will be prepared for handling commercial flights, Sprude said, voicing confidence that regular commercial flights from Liepaja will be launched next year.

At present, Liepaja airport is only used by small private aircraft from Russia, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia.

“We cannot yet ensure fuel supplies, but if flights become more frequent, we could ensure this as well,” Sprude said.

Commercial routes from Liepaja to Copenhagen and Hamburg were closed eight years ago, and Palanga in Lithuania, which is situated 60 kilometers from Liepaja, took over some of these flights. At present, there are nine carriers operating flights from Palanga to Riga, Warsaw, Moscow, Minsk, Copenhagen, London, Kiev and other destinations.


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