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Superbus to discontinue operations in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 23.07.2016.Print version
Citing administrative decisions, Superbus announced on Friday that it has to suspend all operational activities in Estonia, including the operation of the Riga-Tallinn bus route, after July 31, 2016, reports LETA/BNS.

"From the beginning of our activity has been dealing with many difficulties regarding our entrance and development in the Estonian market. Our first set of route permit applications was refused by the Road Administration and we were required to accept timetables which were less viable commercially and operationally. The case had been submitted to the court and was ruled in favor of in June 2016," Transport Holding OU, the owner of the brand, said.

It said that despite the court's ruling, the Road Administration has not changed its decision and requires the company to either continue with its existing operations or to operate both the older and new route permits simultaneously.

"To do so it would be necessary to almost double our fleet size and operate unprofitable routes with few potential passengers. As a result it would be impossible for to develop a financially viable business regarding the fact that we are a private family company," it said. "We therefore have no alternative than to suspend our operations from July 31, 2016."

Superbus said it will ensure that all planned courses are operated according to the current timetable up to and including July 31. All passengers who have already purchased tickets for journeys in August will automatically receive a full refund.

Superbus started business on the Estonian market last year.


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