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Pasazieru vilciens: new electric trains will not be manufactured in Latvia

BC, Riga, 13.02.2015.Print version
The new electric train cars to be acquired by Pasazieru vilciens will not be manufactured in Latvia, the company's CEO Andris Lubans said in an interview with LETA.

He explained that he would be ready to support manufacture of railroad cars in Latvia, however, it is important to take into account the tight schedule and the fact that the current trains will become outdated soon.


"Manufacturing here would require significant investments, furthermore, we need these trains soon. In discussing manufacturers and factories, it is clear that planning and manufacturing a new train would take at least two years. And this applies to any of the large factories that have the necessary experience, staff, and reputation," Lubans explained.


He did not rule out that the Daugavpils factory and Rigas vagonu rupnica could get involved in the assembly process at some point, however, he doubts whether any of these factories could be able to prepare, manufacture, and certify a completely new product to be released in 2016.


As reported, the first modernized Pasazieru vilciens diesel trains will be launched in the first half of this year, while electric train procurement will have to wait, Lubans previously said in an interview with the LNT show "900 sekundes".


He revealed that financing from the Cohesion Fund is not available for the controversial electric train procurement deal. For this reason, the company will have to borrow money elsewhere and under different terms. The current economic situation in the world also affects train manufacturers, therefore Pasazieru vilciens is still waiting for the right moment when to make the procurement.

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