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Just 3 cruise ships will visit Saaremaa port in 2012

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 22.06.2012.Print version
The first cruise ship of the year 2012 visited the Saaremaa deep-sea port on Thursday but the season will be a quiet one since just three cruise ships will visit the port this summer, but future looks brighter for both cruise and cargo ships, Public Broadcasting reports.

Nearly 300 tourists arrived in Saaremaa on board Kristina Katarina to spend ten hours in the largest Estonian island. While in earlier years, 5-7 cruise ships have visited Saaremaa, this year the number is just 3 but next year, a record 14 ships are expected.


"Trips are booked two years in advance. Thus actually the fruits of labour of the two years, which unfortunately coincided with the economic recession time. Tallinn is on the path for growth for next year and the same happens here in Saaremaa. We have a positive mood regarding 2014 now, since it shows a growth trend too," said state-owned port management company Tallinna Sadam infrastructure development department Hele-Mai Metsal.


The Mustjala parish council made a step towards the deep-sea port, currently only used by passenger ships, to be used by cargo ships too. The parish council approved of the detailed development plan of the port that allows cargo handling. After a public exhibit and proposals being submitted, a public discussion will follow and then the parish council will make its final decision on allowing or banning cargo ships.


"We have calculated in our planning that there would be 1-2 visits a week in the port, there are 52 weeks in a year and that would mean over 100 ships. There is need for that. Several companies have contacted us who would like to use the infrastructure possibilities of the port," said Metsal.

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