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Bed occupancy rate in Riga hotels in March was the lowest since January 1997

BC, Riga, 18.05.2020.Print version
Bed occupancy rate in Riga hotels accounted for 17.4% in March 2020, which is so far the lowest rate, informs LETA, according to the Central Statistical Bureau's data for a time period since January 1997.

At the same time, bed occupancy rate across hotels in Latvia was 15.9 percent, which is about the same as in January 1997.

At the same time, room occupancy rate in Riga was 18.7 percent this March, and 17.9 percent in all Latvia, which are the lowest rates so far.

In March 2019, bed occupancy rate in Riga hotels was 43.8 percent, while room occupancy was 47.7 percent. Meanwhile, bed occupancy rate in Latvia was 35.2 percent, and room occupancy was 39.9 percent.

Excluding this March, bed occupancy rate in March in Riga has ranged between 24.5 percent (in 2010) to 44.1 percent (in 2007), while room occupancy rate has ranged from 27.7 percent (in 2009) to 52 percent (in 2007).

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