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Family fined LVL 101 for son's piano practices

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 05.07.2012.Print version
In June 2012, the Riga Municipal Police imposed two fines for a total of LVL 101 on a Riga family for their son's piano practices in an apartment building.

During today's session of the Security, Corruption Prevention and Public Order Committee of the Riga City Council, the family explained that their son has been studying in a music school for eight years and pointed out that, according to the state music school program, he is supposed to practice at home, writes LETA.


Last month, the family was fined twice for the son's piano practices. An elderly neighbor complained that piano practices had no place in an apartment building. The senior citizen believes that piano lessons should not be allowed in apartment buildings at all, which is why he turned to the Municipal Police, complaining that his neighbors were disturbing the peace.


Riga Municipal Police Administrative Department Chief Janis Znotins allowed the possibility that the police officers, perhaps due to excessive amounts of work, did not assess all circumstances, and emphasized that the Municipal Police would revise this case.

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