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Former Skrunda army base auctioned off for LVL 170,000

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 06.06.2010.Print version
During an auction on June 4, the former Skrunda-1 radar base garrison town in Latvia was auctioned off by the state for LVL 170,000, the business information portal informs. Latvian company Iniciative Europa won the auction.

The company's director Vadims Hlebnikovs did not reveal to how the company intends to use the property, however, he did say that the company has several ideas.


There were two bidders for the property at the auction, reports LETA.


Skrunda-1 is currently a ghost town, and is located in western Latvia.


As reported, the lot includes 45 hectares of land, 10 apartment blocs, two nightclubs, a shopping center, kindergarten, barracks and a sauna complex.


Skrunda-1 was one of the closed communities dotted across the Soviet Union that housed military or scientific facilities, plus employees and their families. Located just outside the regular town of Skrunda, Skrunda-1 was an anti-ballistic missile radar base set up in the 1970s.


But after the end of the Cold War, Skrunda-1 became a symbol of the post-Cold War "peace dividend", as Latvia and Russia signed an accord on dismantling its two radar sites.


One was demolished in 1995 and the other – the largest in the Baltic – ceased operations in 1998.


The last Russian soldier left Skrunda-1 the following year.

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