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Rural municipality makes land swap proposal to Maardu

BC, Tallinn, 29.01.2018.Print version
The Joelahtme rural municipality to the east of Tallinn has made a proposal to neighboring Maardu town to change their borders to make them better correspond to the needs of their residents and to exchange respectively 262 hectares and 249 hectares of land between them as part of the deal, reports LETA/BNS.

According to the proposal, 262 hectares of land to be given by Joelahtme to Maardu would enable Maardu to expand to the east to include the so-called Pilpakula area of makeshift buildings, whereas Joelahtme would get 249 hectares of land from Maardu in the area of the Vana-Narva Road industrial village in the north, Joelahtme municipality governor Andrus Umboja told BNS on Monday.

Additionally adjustments would be made to the borders of the two municipalities in the area of Veeru Street in Kallavere, in the area of Rebase Street in Uuskula, in the area of the Maardu flyover of the Tallinn-Narva road, and in the area of the Aarde residential district of Maardu.

Umboja said that changing the border between Joelahtme rural municipality and Maardu has been on the agenda already for several years, and with good reason. "Several of the areas close to the border are connected more with the needs of the residents of the town and others with those of residents of the rural municipality, which is why it makes sense to adjust the border between the local government units," he explained.

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