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TV3 and LNT switch to fee-based service in Latvia

BC, Riga, 04.10.2013.Print version
Modern Times Group's (MTG) management has made a strategic decision that TV3 and LNT television channels will only be available to cable TV subscribers who pay to watch the two channels, informs LETA.

"We believe that these changes are in viewers' favor, because therefore we will be able to invest more money in Latvian content production. Besides, operations are impacted by viewers' habits and latest technology trends, which is why we were skeptical about signing a five-year agreement on airing our programs for free," said MTG TV and Radio Manager in Latvia, Baiba Zuzena.


After TV3 and LNT change their legal status, they will be able to increase the proportion of Latvia-generated original content by about one-third. MTG believes that the new products created in Latvia will be popular with the viewers.


The changes will only concern 6% to 7% of Latvia's TV audience – those who only watch free television broadcasts. MTG urges all those to whom it pertains to begin considering already now, which cable, satellite or terrestrial television package is the best for them, so they could continue to watch their favorite TV3 and LNT shows after January 1, 2014.


"We are making the change in the viewers' favor, and we were prompted to take this decision due to the unstable situation in the sector during the past few years. The slow-paced recovery of the advertising market following the 2008 economic crisis, stricter regulations on political advertising, state funding for public media and their involvement in the advertising market are just a few of the reasons. Once the legal status of TV3 and LNT changes, we will be able to operate in predictable circumstances. This will be in the interest of us as well as the viewers," says Zuzena.

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